WES 200: Alternate Evaluation / Additional Project

Students enrolled in “Judaism Through Food” as a 200-level WESLEYAN SEMINAR are expected to engage the materials a bit differently from those enrolled in RELST 181. While the basic assignments are identical, their values have been recalculated to incorporate an additional research / presentation / writing assignment:

In-Class Participation: 10 points
Out-of-Class Participation: 35 points
Mid-Term & Final Exams: 2 x 20 points = 40 points

but also:

Topic Research / Presentation: 5 points
Topic Report: 10 points


The following is a list of possible topics from which you may choose to do additional reading / research in preparation for a brief class presentation and final report:


Peanuts (on Pesah)
Shechita (in Europe)
(Public) Water (in New York City)

Specific BRAND:

Hebrew National hot dogs [TAKEN]
Jello gelatin [TAKEN]
Maxwell House coffee

There is something about each of these foods / food-issues and brands directly related to issues of Judaism and kashrut. You may choose from this list; however, selections will be coordinated to avoid redundancy.

Final reports are due in class on the last day the course meets for the semester.

Additional information will be provided in class.