Relevant Academic Experience & Training


Virginia Wesleyan University [formerly Virginia Wesleyan College](Center for the Study of Religious Freedom). Religion, Law, & Politics Fellow, 2014-present.

Courses Taught: “Lobbying & Religious Advocacy”; “Religion & American Politics”; “Religion & Constitutional Law.”


Virginia Wesleyan University [formerly Virginia Wesleyan College](Department of Religious Studies). Gloria & David Furman Professor of Judaic Studies. Associate Professor, 2007-2011; Professor, 2011-present.

Selected Courses Taught: “African American Religious Experience”; “Introduction to Religious Studies”; “Judaism & Film”; “Judaism Through Food”; “Religion & Popular Culture”; “Religion in American Culture”; “Sports & Religion”; “World Religions”; and independent reading courses on “American Martyrdom,” “New Religious Movements,” “Religion & Comics,” and “Religion & Violence.”


Bucknell University (Department of Religion). Assistant Professor, 1997-2003; Associate Professor, 2003-2007.

Selected Courses Taught: “American Catholicism”; “American Judaism”; “Fundamentalisms Around the World”; “Introduction to American Studies”; “Introduction to Judaism & Christianity”; “Introduction to Religion in America”; “Introduction to Religious Studies”; “Religion & American Politics”; “Religion & Constitutional Law”; “Religion & Popular Culture”; “Religion & Public Education”; “Sacred Space.”


California State University, Chico (Department of Religious Studies). Lecturer, 1996-1997.

Courses Taught: “American Judaism”; “Introduction to Judaism.”


University of California, Santa Barbara (Department of Religious Studies). Lecturer, 1994, 1996.

Courses Taught: “Religion & Society”; “Religion & Law.”


Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara (Religious Studies, 1997)

Primary concentration in religion in American culture

Secondary concentration in modern Judaism

M.A., University of Virginia (Religious Studies, 1989)

Concentration in American religious history

B.A., University of Virginia (Religious Studies, 1987)


“Christian Foundations of Law,” Regent University School of Law (2013)

Grant Workshop, Grant Training Center (Norfolk, Va., 2010)

“Legal Research,” Extension Office, University of California, Santa Barbara (1993)

“Constitutional Law: Religion,” University of Virginia School of Law (1988)

Intensive Hebrew,” Tel Aviv University (1985)