RELST 206 / WES 200: Schedule of Readings & Assignments

August 24: Course Introductions, Expectations

IN-CLASS: “Andrea Mitchell Reflects on the ‘Sacred Chambers’ of the U.S. Capitol,” NBC News (8 January 2021).

Space as a Religious Category

August 29: Introduction to Sacred Space

READING: ELIADE, “Introduction”

August 31: Encountering Sacred Space

READING: ELIADE, chapter 1

September 5: Experiencing Sacred Space

READING: ELIADE, chapter 2

September 7: Enduring Sacred Space

READING: ELIADE, chapters 3-4

September 12: Traditional Sacred Spaces?

READING: Williams, “How to Read a Church“; Campo, “American Pilgrimage Landscapes

American Sacred Space

September 14: American Space as Sacred

READING: LANE, “Introduction” and chapters 1-2

September 19: “Historic” American Sacred Spaces, I

READING: LANE, p. 65-131

September 21: “Historic” American Sacred Spaces, II

READING: LANE, p. 131-189

September 26: Broadening Conceptions

READING: Mazur, “Where We Are
DUE: “Identification of Location”

September 28: Research Mechanics (No new reading)

October 3: American Community as Sacred

READING: Caterine, “Monuments of Civil Religion“; Ingersoll, “The Thin Line Between Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

October 5: American Commodification as Sacred

READING: Pahl, “Pilgrimage to the Mall of America“; Pike, “Desert Goddesses and Apocalyptic Art

October 10: Research Mechanics (No new reading)

October 12: NO CLASS (Fall Break)

October 17: Pilgrimage to American Sacred Space

READING: Mazur & Koda, “The Happiest Place on Earth“; Rigby, “Graceland

October 19: “Imagined” Space as Sacred

READING: O’Leary, “Cyberspace as Sacred Space“; Wagner, “Our Lady of Persistent Liminality
DUE: Annotated Bibliography

October 24: The Politics of Sacred Space

READING: Chidester & Linenthal, “Introduction

October 26: Conflicted Space as Sacred, I

READING: FOOTE, chapters 1-3

October 31: Conflicted Space as Sacred, II

READING: FOOTE, chapter 4-6

November 2: Conflicted Space as Sacred, III

READING: FOOTE, chapters 7-9

November 7: Conflicted Space as Sacred , IV


November 9: Research, Rhetoric, & Writing (No new reading)

DUE: “Definition” paper

> Definition Assignment Guidelines <

November 14: Outer Space as Sacred Space

> Presentation Assignment Guidelines <

November 16: “American Sacred Space” presentations

ATTEND: Public Lecture [Blocker Auditorium, noon-1:00 pm]

Religion in Outer Space: Myth, Diversity, and the Final Frontier

November 21: NO CLASS (Instructor away)

November 23: NO CLASS (Thanksgiving break)

November 28: “American Sacred Space” presentations

November 30: “American Sacred Space” presentations

December 5: Conclusions

> Final Paper Guidelines <

December 7: DUE: “Sacred Space” Final paper (10:30 am)