RELST 250 / WES 200: Schedule of Readings & Assignments


January 3:  Course introductions, expectations

IN CLASS: “Tupac’s Ashes“; “Black Jesuz” [video][lyrics]

January 4: Definitions & Contexts

READING: Lyden (ch.1); Mazur (ch.2)
ONLINE READING: Geertz, “Religion as a Cultural System”

Mediated Encounters

January 5: Getting Started – Introduction to Method / Theory

ONLINE READING: Rogers, “Introduction”[]; Reader, “Introduction to Unit I” and ch.1
IN CLASS: Barbie (2023)

January 8: Music & Radio

READING: Hulsether (ch.7); Hangen (ch.6)

January 9: Television, Film, & Social Networks

READING: Siegler (ch.3); Lyden (ch.5); Wagner (ch.8); Campbell & Teusner (ch.9)
IN-CLASS: Raising Arizona (1987)
DUE: Theory / Method sign-up

Roland Barthes

Catherine Bell

Peter Berger

Emile Durkheim

Mircea Eliade

Sigmund Freud

Clifford Geertz

Stuart Hall

Max Horkheimer /
Theodor Adorno

Edward Said

Elaine Showalter

Paul Tillich

Victor Turner

Material & Locative Encounters

January 10: Popular Literature, and Comics & Graphic Novels

READING: “Introduction to Section II, part B”; Chapman (ch.11); Kraemer & Lewis (ch.12)
ONLINE READING: Rogers (ch.1 and ch.2)[]
DUE: Barbie Project, Part I
(Film analysis)

January 11: Civil & Cultural Religion

READING: “Introduction to Section II, part C”;  Caterine (ch.20); Scholes (ch.19)
ONLINE READING: Reader, “Where We Are

January 12: Thinking About Writing & Research

READING: No new reading

January 15: NO CLASS (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

ONLINE READING: Weiss, “Remember, Celebrate, and Forget”

January 16: Cooking & Food / Use of Theory & Method

READING: Zeller (ch.13)
ONLINE READING: Rogers (ch.3 and ch.4)[]; Reader, “Introduction to Unit III

January 17: Discussion of Theory & Method

ONLINE READING: Rogers (ch.5 and ch.6)[]; Critique #1; Critique #2; Critique #3; Critique #4; Critique #5; Critique #6
DUE: Barbie Project, Part II (Method analysis)

Religious Traditions

January 18: Protestants, Catholics, & Jews

READING: “Introduction to Section III”; Marsh (ch.28); Payne (ch.22); Mazur (25)

January 19: Thinking About Research & Writing

READING: No new reading

January 22: Muslims, Hindus, & Buddhists

READING: Youmans (ch.24); Nayar (ch.23); Shields (ch.21)

January 23: Presentations (Barbie Project, Part III)

January 24: Presentations (Barbie Project, Part III)


DUE: Barbie Project, Part IV (Integration)