RELST 232 / WES 200: News Updates

Links to current news stories of interest…

25 November 2022

What We Know (and Don’t Know) About How Abortion Affected the Midterms.” NPR (Kurtzleben).

14 November 2022

Muslim Americans Make Historic Gains in Midterm Elections.” Washington Post (Molina).

11 November 2022

Midterms Reinforce Christian Voter Trends on Abortion.” Associated Press (Crary et al.)

5 November 2022

Walker, Warnock Offer Clashing Religious Messages in Georgia.” Associated Press (Barrow).

24 October 2022

Side Effect of Divisive Politics? Unaffiliated Voter Numbers Rise.” Washington Post (Colvin).

23 October 2022

Right-Wing Roadshow Promotes Christian Nationalism Before Midterms.” Washington Post (Gowen).

23 October 2022

OPINION: America’s Religious Divide Isn’t Really About Religion.” Washington Post (Dionne)

20 October 2022

Shapiro Emphasizes Jewish Faith as He Warns of Mastriano’s Extremism.” Washington Post (Itkowitz).

23 September 2022

Biden Says Catholic Church Wouldn’t Agree with Graham’s Abortion Ban.” Washington Post (Suliman).

17 September 2022

America’s Christian Majority is On Track to End.” NPR (Levitt).

1 September 2022

OPINION: Trump Should Fill Christians with Rage.Washington Post (Gerson).

25 August 2022

Oz’s Senate Bid Could be a Muslim First but is ‘Complicated.'” Associated Press (Levy).

24 August 2022

Does Jewish Representations Still Matter in New York City?New York Jewish Week (Henry)