RELST 232 / WES 200: News Updates

Links to current news stories of interest…

2 October 2020: “A New Group of Evangelical Leaders Forms in Support of Biden,” Washington Post (Sarah Pulliam Bailey).

30 September 2020: “Biden Uses Arabic Phrase ‘Inshallah’ to Mock Trump Over His Tax Returns During Debate,” CBS News (Natacha Larnaud)

22 September 2020: “Why Conservatives Want the Court Fight to Focus on Cathlicism,” Washington Post (David Weigel).

17 September 2020: “More and More Americans Aren’t Religious,” FiveThirtyEight (Daniel Cox and Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux).

14 September 2020: “OPINION: White Evangelicals and Catholics May Finally Be Opening Their Ears,” Washington Post (Michael Gerson).

10 September 2020: “OPINION: Where Faith Divides,” Roll Call (Mary Curtis).

24 August 2020: “The Role of Religion in Trump’s Presidency So Far,” Religion News Service (Jack Jenkins).