RELST 232: Schedule of Readings & Assignments

August 30: Course Introductions, expectations

September 4-6: Socio-Historical Foundations

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 1; Declaration of Independence (1776); Northwest Ordinance (1787)Treaty of Peace and Friendship, Article XI (1797); Constitution of the Confederate States (1861)

September 11: NO CLASS (Rosh HaShanah)

September 13: Theoretical Approaches

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 2

September 18-20: Protestant Foundations

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 3; Winthrop, “A Modell of Christian Charity” (1630); Beveridge, “March of the Flag” (1898)

September 25: Catholic Foundations

READ: Kennedy, “Speech to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association” (1960); Cuomo, “Religious Belief and Public Morality” (1984)

September 27: Non-Majoritarian Foundations

Pre-Class LECTURE: “See Jane Run: Liberal and Conservatives Running for Office in 2018’s ‘Year of the Woman'” (11:00 a.m., Blocker Auditorium)

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 4

October 2-4: Non-Christian Foundations (continued)

READ: Romney, “Faith in America” (2007)

October 9-11: Ethno-Religiosity

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 5

October 16: NO CLASS (Fall Break)

October 18: Sex, Gender, & Religion

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 6

October 23: Religion & Voting

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 7

October 25: Politics as Religion; Religion as Politics

READ: Marsh, “The Civil Rights Movement as Theological Drama”

Evening LECTURE: “The American Civil Rights Movement and the Women Who Started It” (7:00 p.m., Body Dining Hall)

October 30: Organized Political Religious Groups

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 8

November 1: Religion & “Political Elites”

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 9

November 6: Election Day!

READ: (No new reading)

DUE: Pre-Election Report

November 8: Sifting the Results

Pre-Class LECTURE: “The Norfolk Seamstress Who Said ‘No’: The Political Legacy of Evelyn T. Butts” (11:00 a.m., Blocker Auditorium)


November 13: Religion & Political Culture, part I

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 10

November 15-20: Religion & Political Culture, part II


DUE: Manuscript Analysis (Nov. 20)

November 22: NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)

November 28: Religion & the Courts

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 11

November 30: “Church & State”

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 12

December 4: NO CLASS (PORT Day)

Extra Credit: Port Day Extra Credit Form

December 6: The Big Picture

READ: HERTZKE, chapter 13

December 11: Conclusions

December 13: Post-Election Analysis

DUE: Final Paper (by 2:00 p.m.)