RELST 181: “Virtual” Schedule (April 2 – May 8)

March 31: Catch-up

TERMS: Aliyah; Eruv; Havdalah; Kol Nidre; Mezuzah; Minyan; Parve; Shomer Shabbat; Tefillin; Treyf

April 2: HOLY DAYS #1, continued [Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Simhat Torah]

READ: Megilat Ruth; “What is Shemini Atzeret?” (Steinberg); “What Happens in Synagogue on Simhat Torah” (Steinberg); “A Convert’s First Simhat Torah” (Gibby)


Worksheet References:
Shemot: 23:17; 34:22-23
Vayikra: 23: 24-25; 23:34-36

TERMS: Lulav / Etrog; Shofar; Sukkah; Yom Tov

April 7: HOLY DAYS #2 [Pesah]

READ: “Passover, the Jewish Holiday for Gentiles” (Davidson); “Push-Pull“(Gibby); “What It Means to Keep Kosher for Passover” (Staff); “The Orthodox, Online Version of the Deep-Freeze for Passover” (Otterman); “How to Conduct a Passover Seder” (Lerner); [And for those of you who are 21 and older.]


Worksheet References:
Shemot: 34:18-23

TERMS: Haggadah; Hametz; Matzah; Seder

April 9: NO CLASS (Pesah)

April 14: HOLY DAYS, #3 [Shavu’ot]

READ: “The ‘Gifts’ of Pentecost and Shavuot” (Winston); “Why Dairy on Shavuot?” (Koppleman Ross): “Why Shavuot is All But Ignored Across America” (Brostoff)

April 16: Tanakh & History [Purim]

READ: Megilat Esther [“The Book of Esther”]; “The Story of Purim” (Goodman)


TERMS: Grogger; Hamantashn; Shpiel

April 21: NOT-Tanakh, but History, #1 [Hanukkah]

READ: “What You Need to Know About the Hanukkah Story” (Ross); “Why the Maccabees Aren’t in the Bible” (Turkienicz); “Why American Jews Eat Chinese Food on Christmas” (Chandler)

TERMS: Chanukiah / Menorah; Dreidl; Latke; Sufganiyot

April 23: NOT-Tanakh, but History, #2 [Tisha, B’Av]

READ: “Better to Suffer, or Better to Live?” (Kirsch); “Sephardic, Ashkenazic, Mizrahi, and Ethiopian Jews” (Solomin); “The 22 Best Yiddish Words to Know” (Staff);  “Who are the Hebrew Israelites?” (Kestenbaum)

TERMS: Ashkenazi; Diaspora; Exile; Sephardi; Temple; Yiddish

April 28: “Matching, Hatching, & Dispatching”: The Jewish Life Cycle

READ: “The Brit Milah (Bris): What You Need to Know” (Staff); “Liturgy, Ritual and Custom of Divorce” (Staff); “Jewish Funerals: What to Expect When You Go” (Wolfson); “Timeline of Jewish Mourning” (Staff)

DUE (April 25): WORKSHEET #8

Worksheet References:
B’reshit: 3:19; 17:10-14; 29:16-30; 34:14-17:
D’varim: 7:3-4;
Ezra: 10:10-11

TERMS: Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah; Beit Din; Brit Milah; Chuppah; Get; Hevra Kaddisha; Ketubah; Kittel; Mamzer; Mikveh; Mohel; Sandek; Shivah; Yahrzeit; Yizkor


April 30: NO CLASS (VWC Port Day [CANCELLED])

May 5: Conclusions, exam review (No new readings)

Final Exam Prep: Term Worksheet #2

MAY 8: Final Exam DUE