J. Samuel Goldback Scholarship Grant

The J. Samuel Goldback Scholarship Grant was created by a gift to Congregation Beth El of Norfolk, Virginia, to provide supportive funds to college-aged students, based on both scholarly promise/achievement and financial need.*

Because financial impediments kept him from achieving his own educational goals, Mr. Goldback donated the funds with the hope that recipients of such grants would make restitution “if they wish to do so,” when they were able—by contributing back into the Fund so that others might receive assistance to achieve their own educational goals.

The J. Samuel Goldback Scholarship Grant Selection Committee considers only those applications submitted by the child or dependent of a current member in good standing of Congregation Beth El of Norfolk, Virginia.

Applicants may re-apply for each academic year, whether or not previous applications were funded.


All applicants must download, print, complete, and submit (as scan or photo) the Application Cover Sheet:

J. Samuel Goldback Scholarship Grant Application Cover Sheet (PDF)

In addition to the Application Cover Sheet, applicants must submit the following items:

High School Transcript (if you have completed a semester or more as a full- or part-time student at an accredited college or university, please also attach a copy of that transcript);

Essay #1 (of no more than 500 words) explaining how your past academic achievements qualify you for support for the coming academic year;

Essay #2 (of no more than 500 words) explaining how financial support provided will have a direct impact on your ability to attend college;

Any additional information that you believe would support your application (including digitized photographs or recordings of your work, if applicable).

[Materials submitted for review will not be returned. Please submit digitized materials in a standard, easily accessible format. Inaccessible files will not be considered.]

For those who have received a grant from the J. Samuel Scholarship Fund in any of the past 3 academic years:

Essay #3 (of no more than 500 words) detailing how the funds received had an impact on your education.

Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on June 15 (or, if that falls on Shabbat, at the same time on the Sunday immediately following).

Please submit the Application Cover Sheet and the requested accompanying materials electronically to:

Eric Mazur
Goldback Scholarship Grant Application Review Committee Chair
SUBJECT: “Goldback application”

* For the purposes of this grant, the J. Samuel Goldback Scholarship Grants Selection Committee will consider as “scholarly” any indication of “promise/achievement” in a subject area found in the curriculum of an accredited undergraduate program related to the humanities, social sciences, physical and natural sciences, or creative and performing arts.